Not Safe with Nikki Glaser

Not Safe with Nikki Glaser is a free-form venue where comic and curious perv Nikki investigates sex and relationship topics through a mix of panel discussions, field pieces and social experiments.

Genre: Comedy

Director: Chris Convy , Nikki Glaser

Country: USA

Duration: 22 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 6.6

Season 1 - Not Safe with Nikki Glaser
"Comedian Nikki Glaser explores sex, relationships and other taboo topics in this series, which begins with a look at the dating app Tinder with Rachel Feinstein and Rory Scovel. Also: a visit to a foot-fetish party; an examination of the \"friend zone.\""
"Nikki stages a photo shoot to help men work on their sexting skills; and picks up guys coming out of strip clubs to quiz them on women. Also: comedian Ron Funches."
"Nicki helps porn actors with their lines; and talks about friends who've been left behind with Chris D'Elia and Esther Povitsky."
"Nikki sits on a sex toy and discusses female ejaculation with Sara Schaefer; she researches her parents' sex lives."
"Nikki talks to hotel maids to hear horror stories about cleaning up after guests have sex; plays a game of Tinder Tapout; and talks to people about digital penetration."
"Nikki takes on the subject of polyamory, interviews an Uber driver about a hookup with a passenger and chats with T.J. Miller and Pete Holmes."
"Nikki confronts engaged couples about how their weddings are inconveniencing their friends."
"Nikki discusses one-night stands; feeds lines to porn actors during a shoot."
"Nikki listens to sex advice from columnist Dan Savage; and interviews underwear fetishists. Also: a chat with Todd Glass and Nick Thune."
"Nikki explores the world of pegging and plays a round of Tinder Tapout with special guests Patton Oswalt and Natasha Leggero."
"People who are paid to cuddle are profiled. Also: Nikki plays Tinder Tapout with Mary Lynn Rajskub and Adam Pally."
"Women in the workplace through the lens of pornography is a topic of discussion with Kristen Schaal. Also: a chat with Chris D'Elia and Kate Walsh."
"Nikki turns to music artist Omarion to pen a new R&B hit about real-life sex stories. Also: Anthony Jeselnik and Riki Lindhome play \"What's Your Number?\""
"Nikki goes to a Donald Trump rally in San Diego to quiz his supporters on sex; and discusses infidelity with Maria Bamford and Marc Maron."
"Nikki teams up with a group of women to conduct groundbreaking research on the female orgasm and learns about flirting via GIFs with guests Jim Jefferies and Liza Treyger."
"Nikki looks at dreadfully bad dates with Dave Waite; and plays Tinder Tapout with Ron Funches and Katie Nolan."
"Dr. Drew Pinsky discusses the popularity of over-the-counter male-enhancement pills. Also: David Spade and Nicole Byer talk to kittens about complex social issues."
"Nikki provides the dialogue for a hospital porn scene, calls out annoying behavior on social media with her guests and works with couples to plan for their eventual breakup."
"Nikki visits a museum full of people's old relationship keepsakes, debunks myths about bisexuals with Margaret Cho and rails against the injustices of America's wage gap."
"Nikki goes to Las Vegas, where she attempts to remain in a strip club for 24 hours; and plays Tinder Tapout with Jim Norton and Bridget Everett."