Black Ink Crew: Chicago

Black Ink Crew: Chicago follows a passionate and ambitious group of tattoo artists and friends through the unforgiving streets of Chicago as they band together to create new identities for themselves, their families, and their business.

Genre: Reality

Country: USA

Duration: 42 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2015

IMDb: 4.8

Season 1 - Black Ink Crew: Chicago
"In the Season 1 premiere, the crew celebrates 9 Mag's one-year anniversary and honor the memory of Ryan's late sister. Later, a surprise visitor shows up and starts drama."
"The crew plans a surprise party for Ryan; Don tries to fix things with Ashley; Charmaine confronts Don about text messages."
"Phor puts everything on the line to pursue a relationship with Kat; Van's future at 9 Mag is in jeopardy; Ashley confronts Charmaine."
"Ashley makes a shocking decision after learning the truth about Charmaine and Don; Kat does a sexy photo shoot for Urban Ink Magazine."
"Kat and Van confront Ryan after his meltdown; the crew questions Kat's loyalty to the shop; Phor heads to the Big Apple for a meeting."
"The crew heads to New York City to support Kat; Ceaser and the New York guys throw a mixxxy party; Ryan gets fed up with Kat's ego."
"Charmaine reveals a secret when she returns from New York; Don tries to mend things with Ashley; Danielle's relationship is tested."
"Ryan throws a party on a yacht; Kat takes time away from the shop; Danielle is confused; Ashley shows up at the party."
Season 2 - Black Ink Crew: Chicago
"Ryan steps up his boss game when he learns that his staff is taking advantage of him. Kat betrays 9 Mag in order to take her Kat Tat brand to the next level. Don\u2019s old college fling claims that he\u2019s the father of her child, threatening his engagement to Ashley. Meanwhile, when the crew turns up for the biggest performance of Phor\u2019s career, all hell breaks loose."
"The shop is up in arms after Ryan hires a new tattoo artist. Fists fly when Kat learns that Charmaine threw her personal items in the trash. Don takes a paternity test hoping to squash the rumors that he fathered a love child. Van is finally released from boot camp but rising tensions in the shop could put a damper on his happy homecoming."
"Don\u2019s paternity test results send him on a downward spiral as Ryan dips his toes back in the dating pool. Van has an emotional reunion with his daughter after being separated from her for four months. Danielle\u2019s birthday celebration turns into chaos when Ashley and her friends crash the party and attack Charmaine."
"Van returns to work at 9 Mag but is angered that the shop has changed as Charmaine is forced to face the consequences of quitting her corporate job and following her dreams. Ashley confronts Don about fathering another child with another woman. Tempers flare when Ryan introduces yet another new tattoo artist in the shop."
"The crew heads to New Orleans for some Bourbon Street debauchery. Charmaine\u2019s family demands that the she moves back home when they find out she\u2019s broke. Don is caught off guard when his baby mama Whitney ambushes him at 9Mag. Van reaches his boiling point after Cobra confronts the crew about the cleanliness of the shop."
"Don brings his two baby mamas together in hopes of uniting his family but Whitney has no intention of making nice. Ryan celebrates his 30th birthday in style with a Great Gatsby themed bash, but the celebration comes to a halt when Van confronts Cobra about her behavior. And Danielle\u2019s boyfriend Terrence makes a fool of himself when his jealousy gets the best of him."
"Don receives some life-shattering news that could send him back into a spiral. Charmaine is determined to improve her financial situation and auditions to be a radio DJ. In the wake of one of the deadliest weekends in Chicago history, Phor heads into the studio with one of hip hop\u2019s top rappers to record a song about peace. When Cobra\u2019s behavior becomes questionable, Ryan is forced to make a tough decision about her future at 9 Mag."
"With his jail sentence looming, Don pushes up his wedding date. Kat hosts her first art show, but things turn sour when Phor shows up with the woman he cheated on Kat with. Van\u2019s relationship is tested after he confesses to his girlfriend that he\u2019s not a one-woman kind of guy. Phor\u2019s girlfriend Nikki confronts Kat about her attitude at a 9 Mag party\u2014and things get physical."
"The 9 Mag crew heads to the Dominican Republic for Don\u2019s wedding. Kat confronts Phor about cheating on her when they were together. Van\u2019s threesome goes horribly wrong when his girlfriend brings a surprise guest to share in on the fun. And Don gets a little too friendly with a stripper, jeopardizing his wedding to Ashley."
"In the Season 2 finale, Ashley arrives in the Dominican Republic for her wedding and asks her brother to spy on Don's bachelor party. Later, Terrence gives Danielle an ultimatum; and Ashley threatens to call off the big day after seeing risqu\u00e9 pictures from the bachelor party."
Season 3 - Black Ink Crew: Chicago
"Ryan battles his staff over their growing disrespect towards him while Don and Ashley's marital bliss is threatened. Kat leaves Chicago for LA and Van starts a brawl at the 9Mag anniversary party."
"Ashley looks to the heavens to help Don control his anger while Danielle confronts Kat about being a bad friend. Van discovers he's been intentionally locked out of the shop."
"Danielle confronts Ryan about firing her and later Ryan causes a melee after he rehires a former employee. Kat shocks the crew when she unexpectedly shows up in Chicago."
"Danielle confronts Ryan about firing her and later Ryan causes a melee after he rehires a former employee. Kat shocks the crew when she unexpectedly shows up in Chicago."
"The crew is smitten when Ryan hires a new female tattoo artist. Don explodes when Ashley gives him a taste of his own medicine and things get messy when Lily hooks up with a fellow employee."
"Danielle reveals an explosive secret about Kat while JR and Lily take their relationship to the next level. Van freaks out when Jenn mentions the \"m\" word and all hell breaks loose at Phor's concert."
"Don starts his new career as a piercer at 9Mag while Charmaine's mom gives her devastating news. Phor attempts to reconnect with family and Cobra gets turned on by her new roommate."
"Don freaks out after Ashley gives him shocking news. Lily and Cobra come to blows and when Ryan throws a party for Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Charmaine seizes an opportunity to get her job back."
"Lily jeopardizes her relationship with JR while Van has a questionable plan to win Jenn back. Danielle throws a fashion show to help promote her new fashion blog and Ryan is rushed to the emergency room."
"Ryan triumphantly returns to the shop after a major health scare while JR learns disturbing information about his relationship with Lily. Phor questions his career as a tattoo artist when a client shames his work on the internet."
"Kat questions her life in LA while Lily tries to turn the shop against Cobra. Charmaine's relationship is on rocky ground when her career takes priority over Neek."
"Ryan is devastated when an injury prevents him from tatting his childhood idols. Charmaine tries to persuade Cobra to stay at 9Ma while Jenn's inadvertent nip slip sends Van over the edge."
"The crew heads to Mexico for some fun, sun, and tequila but tensions rise when Kat arrives at the villa unannounced. Kat reveals a shocking secret about Ryan and he loses his cool when Lily crosses a line."
"Cobra is faced with a tough decision when Phor tells her the truth about Velvet. Lily attempts to reunite with the sisters she hasn't seen since her father's murder. Kat decides it\u2019s time Rachel knows the truth."
"Ryan tries to salvage his relationship with Rachel, while Phor and Nikki take theirs to new heights. The crew throws Kat a surprise birthday party at 9Mag behind Ryan's back. JR goes ham when Lily brings the guy she cheated on him with to the shop."
"The crew hatches a plan to get Kat to come back to 9Mag. Ashley throws a tantrum at her gender reveal party. Charmaine's dreams of movie stardom hang in the balance. Kat confronts Ryan over what happened at the lake house."
Season 4 - Black Ink Crew: Chicago
"After Kat\u2019s banishment, Ryan has disappeared. 9 Mag grapples with the new status quo. Phor plays the biggest show of his rap career. A snapchat video finally makes Ashley leave Don. Van tries to keep his temper in check as Ryan drops a bomb on 9 Mag."
"Unable to take over the lease for 9MAG, Van and the crew hold one last party at the shop, Phor gets a recording opportunity in L.A., and Ashley confronts Don's mistress."
"Don tries to keep Ashley from moving their kids to Texas, Van puts together a fashion show, and someone from Terrence\u2019s past threatens his engagement to Danielle."
"While the 9MAG crew is at a loss, Lily makes moves to bring the shop back from the dead. Charmaine blind-sides Danielle with details of Terrence's hookup. Van is shook about his baby girl's new boyfriend. Ryan takes a stance with a new shop."
"As the new 9MAG and Loyal Ink each move closer to launch, Ryan tries recruiting an old friend, while Lily and Charmaine clash over rehiring Danielle."
"Ashley returns from Texas after Don gets a DUI, Terrence proposes to Danielle again, and Charmaine goes behind everyone's backs to put herself in charge of Loyal Ink."
"Charmaine has a mutiny on her hands after she announces new rules for the shop, Van and Jenn have an explosive fight, and Ryan has a special Mother's Day surprise for Rachel."
"Loyal Ink holds an official grand opening, Don and Ashley reassess their marriage after Ashdon goes to the hospital, and Charmaine nabs a Nipsey Hussle radio interview."
"Phor follows his music dreams to L.A., Ryan tags along for a pop-up that garners interest from Nicki Minaj, and talk of Ryan's legal troubles makes the rounds at Loyal Ink."
"Phor arrives in Jamaica with the 9MAG crew for a performance of a lifetime. Loyal Ink's plan to surprise him fails when they bring too much of their Chicago baggage with them."
"Neek returns from Africa, and Charmaine uses her best assets to bind them together forever; Don returns to his male stripper days; Cobra discovers a dirty secret about Reese's past and questions her artistic integrity."
"With construction behind schedule, Ryan hires a powerhouse manager to get 9MAG back in business; Charmaine makes a catastrophic first impression on Neek's mother; Junior's girlfriend stirs up trouble at Loyal Ink."
"The Loyal Ink crew tries to regain the trust of Lily and Reese by taking them on a team-building trip at an adult campground in the middle of the woods. Tensions ignite at the camp\u2019s \u201cFoam Party.\u201d"
"After quitting Loyal Ink, Lily decides to make other moves; Cobra takes on a new hobby of becoming a luchador; after Phor hits a breaking point in LA, he looks to Ryan for some ink therapy; Charmaine and Ryan come face to face."
"Ryan makes a shocking move that will have serious consequences for 9Mag and Loyal Ink; Phor struggles to keep both his music career and relationship afloat; a furious Don makes an announcement that will change the direction of Loyal Ink forever."
Season 5 - Black Ink Crew: Chicago
"Weeks after Ryan's dramatic takeover of 9MAG, tensions run high between Phor and Don, Ryan and Rachel reach the end of the road, and Charmaine undergoes a medical procedure."
"Lily becomes a reluctant co-parent when Bella moves in, Charmaine gabs about Phor's sexts on the radio, and Van finally forgives Ryan for past betrayals."
"Lily flirts with the shop's new guest artist, Don is forced to kick a resentful Brittany out of the shop, and Van's new apprentice rubs the ladies of 9MAG the wrong way."
"When the 9MAG crew heads to a Vegas tattoo convention, Evenita shows up to the convention unannounced to get closer to Van, and Bella flips on Lily for not having her back."
"Van decides to commit to Jenn after hooking up with Evenita, Shine gets frustrated by 9MAG's unprofessionalism, and Junior arrives to tear up the Vegas Strip with the guys."
"Lily sees Junior and Adriana for the first time since Jamaica, Don struggles to be there for both his dad and Phor as they battle depression, and Jenn confronts Van."
"Junior returns to 9MAG while trying to patch things up with Adriana, Erica Mena is Ryan's new celebrity client, and Friendsgiving goes off the rails."
"All of 9MAG reacts to what happened on Friendsgiving; Junior gets in touch with himself and his past; Don expands his horizons; Charmaine outs Lily as a racist."
"Ryan gets an ominous call for a meeting from the building management to discuss the future of 9MAG; Lily uses her break from the shop to focus on her art; Charmaine decides to organize a protest."
"Ryan toils in secrecy on a new mystery shop; Van scares some sense into his daughter's boyfriend; rising actor Don ponders a move to NYC; Phor shines in the studio while Charmaine wants answers about her future with 9MAG."
"Van bullies Bella with a tyrannical set of new rules at the old shop, Ryan shuts Phor out of the new shop, and Lily turns up at the old 9MAG's party to defend Bella."
"Van\u2019s leadership skills are put under the microscope, as the old shop continues to suffer; Lily wonders if she still has a future at 9Mag; Charmaine\u2019s parents come to town; and Phor receives a baller opportunity."
"The new 9MAG and the old 9MAG head to Miami for team-building, Charmaine struggles to find happiness, and Ryan reveals his feelings about the old team."
"The crew grows closer during their team-building trip to Miami, Phor performs and invites a surprise guest, and peace between Lily and Charmaine is short-lived."
"Van defends himself and his artwork against a few unhappy clients causing legal trouble for Ryan. While Don and Ashley view houses at the top of their non-existent budget, a familiar face returns for a second chance at life and love at 9MAG."
"Past and present members of the 9MAG crew attend the Chicago Tattoo Convention, where they dig up old conspiracy theories and drag old rivalries to the ground."
"Van fires Lily after she tarnishes the 9MAG brand at the tattoo convention; Neek gives Charmaine an ultimatum; Ryan and Phor fly to Los Angeles."
"Charmaine returns to 9MAG in hopes of getting her job back; Van takes his daughter on a college tour; Don asks Ashley for another chance at a perfect wedding."
"Neek plans to surprise Charmaine in South Carolina with a marriage proposal and invites the crew along for the event."