Our Girl - Season 4 Episode 5

The series follows Molly on her first deployment as a serving army medic against the backdrop of the British Army's withdrawal from Afghanistan. Series 2 introduces Georgie, her more experienced friend, as she is deployed to Eastern Africa.

Genre: Drama , War & Politics

Director: Tony Grounds

Country: UK

Episode: 5/31 eps

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2014

IMDb: 7.8

Season 1 - Our Girl
"No description"
"A female army medic struggles to prove herself while on assignment in Afghanistan."
"Molly's friendship with a little Afghan girl has consequences when she gets too close."
"Back in the UK on rest leave, Molly is shocked when Smurf makes a surprise declaration."
"The deployment is nearly over when Molly becomes entangled in a terrifying mission."
"As she returns home from Afghanistan, difficult questions rain down upon Molly Dawes."
"No description"
"No description"
Season 2 - Our Girl
"Lance Corporal Georgie Lane, an experienced army medic, joins Captain James and 2 Section on a humanitarian tour to Kenya. She has promised her fiance, Doctor Jamie Cole, that she will return home soon to marry him. 2 Section are posted to a refugee camp near the border of Somalia, and as soon as they pull into the camp, Georgie jumps straight to work when an IED explodes, harming many refugees. When aid worker Kicki is kidnapped, Georgie's determination to find her lands her in great danger."
"Captain James and 2 Section are horrified to hear what has happened to Georgie however the situation soon takes a horrifying turn for the worse. Will the team get to her in time?"
"Exhausted, Georgie can\u2019t wait to get home to fianc\u00e9, Jamie and her family however the forces need her help first. Meanwhile, a desperate Elvis is forced to come clean which shocks her to the core."
"Worried about Georgie\u2019s state of mind, Jamie seeks out Captain James to find out whether she is in any danger. Meanwhile, Georgie reels after hearing the news that Abu is alive and closer to her than she realises."
"Georgie is given one more assignment which lands her in greater danger than ever."
Season 3 - Our Girl
"Georgie and 2 Section are sent to Nepal following a devastating earthquake, where she quickly discovers that disaster brings out the worst as well as the best in people. In addition to her duties as a medic, Georgie is tasked with mentoring Maisie, a reckless young recruit, and also meets Milan, an attractive Nepalese engineer, with whom she forms a bond while working together to rebuild the area."
"A frantic search ensues in the wake of the aftershock when 2-section realise Georgie is missing, while a young local girl previously befriended by Georgie, and a small group of children, are abducted by Da Chand, a fake NGO worker. Military intelligence discovers that he's part of a terrorist network and there's a chance he will lead them to the more important target of Aatan Omar, leaving 2-section to track him and to assist a Special Forces Unit led by a familiar and unwelcome face - Elvis."
"Georgie is reeling that Elvis is back in her life and concerned for the safety of Tara, but does her best to concentrate on the mission in Afghanistan. Arriving in Kabul they are greeted by Captain James' old friend, Captain Azizi, to assist them as they try to track down Omar. Maisie is instantly suspicious. After the mission goes disastrously wrong, 2-section find themselves taking casualties. Drama, starring Michelle Keegan and Luke Pasqualino."
"An exhausted 2 Section retreat to Kabul only to be ordered to support Elvis in a final mission to capture Omar."
Season 4 - Our Girl
"Georgie throws herself into her work training Nig\u00e9rian forces in the fight against Boko Haram, only to find herself pitched headlong into danger."
"Georgie and the others wait to be rescued so a counter-offensive can be launched."
"A distracted Georgie must step up when a jungle training exercise spirals out of control."
"Georgie and James are compelled to use every ounce of their training to evade capture."
"Section struggle to meet Bones's expectations in Bangladesh."
"2 Section have the camp on lockdown as Inspector Chowdhrey explains that the refugee route might be being exploited by yaba dealers, a local drug coming over the border from Myanmar. When Georgie meets Maya, a sex worker and yaba addict who is being treated at the clinic, she starts investigations of her own."
"Ruby discovers an outbreak of cholera at the camp. 2 Section are tasked with protecting the arrested Inspector Chowdhrey as he is a potential key witness in bringing down the leaders of the yaba trade. They are all horrified when a particularly gruesome message is sent demanding his silence."
Season 5 - Our Girl
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