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Nazi Mega Weapons - Season 3 Episode 1

An examination of Nazi Germany's various military engineering projects during World War II.

Genre: Documentary , War & Politics

Director: N/A

Country: USA , UK

Episode: 1/6 eps

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2013

IMDb: 8.0

Season 3 - Nazi Mega Weapons
03 May 2016
"The design, construction and use of Hitler's retreat in the Bavarian Alps, Eagle's Nest."
10 May 2016
"In yet another example of Hilter's folly he orders impregnable fortresses built on the Channel Islands. Despite the incredible expense of construction the fortifications prove useless when ..."
11 May 2016
"Guderian's book \"Achtung Panzer\" introduces the concept of the combined arms offensive. Hitler seizes upon it as the way to use modern weapons technology in Germany's tradition of fighting ..."
"U-boat innovations that were advanced well beyond any other submarine designs of WW2, including the Walter propulsion system, the Type XVII the Type XXI."
31 May 2016
"The design, construction and operational history of the two greatest battleships ever built - the Japanese super-battleships Yamato and Musashi."
07 Jun 2016
"Details the formidable Japanese defenses on the island of Okinawa during WW2, and the ultimate test of them."