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Blood and Fury: America's Civil War - Season 1 Episode 2

Examining various battles during America's Civil War, Civil War Chronicles exposes America's unsung heroes.

Genre: War & Politics

Actor: Drew Moss

Country: Canada

Episode: 2/4 eps

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 5.2

Season 1 - Blood and Fury: America's Civil War
"An examination of the most significant engagements of the 1861-65 War Between the States begins with the first Battle of Bull Run in Virginia on July 21, 1861."
"September 1862. Following a string of victories in Virginia, Confederate military genius General Robert E. Lee brings his Army north in a bold attempt to end the Civil War and win Southern Independence."
"Dec. 1862: Following the strategic Union win at Antietam, Federal forces clash with a massive Rebel army in the town of Fredericksburg, Virginia. In what will become the largest fight of the Civil War."
"The Battle of Gettysburg, the momentous three-day engagement in Pennsylvania in July 1863 that marked the turning point of the Civil War, is recalled."