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Hey This is 123Movies the #1 free movie site in the world. to watch free movies and tv shows at 123 movies you not required to register or signup.

A wide section of free movies and tv shows and episodes are available to watch at 123 movies. This 123movies website is very fast to stream free movies. By using this 123movies free site, you will be able to watch an unlimited number of movies and TV shows without any restrictions. So enjoy your favorite movies and tv series for free without any hassle.


Streaming Movies and TV shows online has become a trend now, but most of the streaming sites don’t offer you free streaming. So when it comes to free streaming of Movies and TV Shows, Movies123 is the best you can get. On the 123 movies or new 123 movies website, you will find all sorts of movies and tv shows at your fingertips.

Unlike the other free streaming website, you don’t need to wait for buffering and stuff to start streaming your favorite movies. The site has a fantastic video player built-in which lets you stream online on the go easily, even with your cellular data. Such kind of features has made 123movie the best when it comes to streaming.

Other than 123 movies, there are also other free streaming sites on the internet which you can use. But then most of the sites are not trusted, and in most of the countries, you need to use VPN to access those sites. So 123 movie is the best option you can go to; we assure you will love to use it to stream your favorite Movies and TV shows.

Features of New 123Movies that works

The designers and developers of the 123moviesfree website have researched well and added a lot of features. We must say that the website feels premium with all these features on board in the site. Let’s have a look at all the features broadly.

Sober Design: The Sober and Subtle design of the sites suites well. The navigation in the website is perfectly done; you will not need to find anything; everything is placed in the perfect place where it needs to be. Every option is available at your fingertips. So this design has made it really easy for users to stream.

Categorizing movies or Shows: Another best part of Movie123 is the categorizing of a wide range of films and TV shows. There are more than 20 Genres on the sites to which all the movies have been organized. Also, there is a “Most Viewed” section where you can check out which movies and shows are on a trend right now and start streaming from there itself.

Ratings: There is a section on the website where you can check out the movies or shows with their IMDB rating. If there are any newly released movies or plays on the site, you can check their IMDB rating in the rating section and start streaming. In this way, you can easily judge movies or shows by their rating if it is your type or not.

HD Servers: If you are streaming any movies or shows in this site, there are two servers in total that you can use. If you want to stream in HD, there is a different server, and if you're going to stream in standard quality, there is a different server. This is done so that there is no disturbance while streaming.

New Collection: 123movies official site brings new movies and shows in every interval. They’re very regular in getting a new collection of movies and latest shows or episodes as soon as it is released on the web. You Don’t need to wait at all.

These are the features you can enjoy while streaming your favorite movies or TV Shows on the Movies123 website. With all of these features added, it is effortless to use and also feels premium.

How to stream on 123movies official site

Streaming movies and TV Shows from 123movies is elementary, follow these below-given steps, and you are done.

  • There are Trending Movies and Shows listed on the homepage. If you didn’t find your favorites, then you can obviously use the site search engine. If you find one, then click on the movie or show poster.
  • Now, if you want to stream in HD, then click in the Stream In HD, but for that, you will need to create an account for free on the site. Or, if you want to stream in regular quality, click on the “Gomo Play,” and the movie or show will start playing in the player.
  • While streaming online, you can also change the servers of the movies or shows if you are facing any issues. There are some 5-7 servers from which you can change if you are facing any kind of error or issues.

These are all the steps you need to follow to enjoy flawless streaming of your favorite movies and TV shows online with the Movies123 site. Well, on the site, you will also find the Download button, but sadly it doesn’t work. The button will only take you to a new webpage where you will need to create an account. As it might be fishy so we suggest you not try signing up on any webpage.

Get rid of Popup ads:

While streaming, you will come across some popup ads which can be irritating to you. Well, you can get rid of those annoying ads manually also, but you can also use adblocker extension or apps on your device. This will automatically stop you from seeing any ads while streaming content online.

Other than this, there is no such error that you are likely to face while streaming if your internet is average. If the internet is relatively poor, we assume that you might need to swap the servers quite often. But other than that, everything is just as fine as you are using a premium streaming platform.

123movies not opening:

As of now, there is no issues in accessing the 123 movies website on the internet. But in some countries, the website may be banned. So if you are facing any problem regarding accessing the website, then you can use VPN and access the site.


123movies is one of the best online free streaming websites on the internet to date. There are many other streaming websites that are trying really hard to be the best in the business. With a wide range of movies, shows and features, it is effortless to stream online on the go. 

Also, the interface is optimized with all devices, so either you browse this site on your phone or PC, you will be getting the same experience. Once you start streaming, we are sure that you will bookmark 123 movies in your browser. 

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